100% Walter Knoll
and 100% EOOS.

EOOS develops its talents as a team. The Austrian designers Martin Bergmann, Gernot Bohmann and Harald Gründl actually recognised the special synergy of their talents during their studies at the College of Applied Art in Vienna where they all attended Paolo Piva's design master class. In 1995, they founded a studio together and since then have constantly developed their own special methodology. They refer to their road to creativity as poetical analysis. The designers search for the sense and function of design through the culture of human rituals. And that's how they create new concepts in product and retail design.



The Leadchair is the result of a five-year development process. Can you tell us something about the first briefing? The aim was to develop a product that represents the DNA in design by Walter Knoll: a swivel chair that combines minimalism in design, innovative upholstering technique, transparency of function and masterly craftsmanship, that can be operated intuitively and at the same time fulfils all the required functions. We wanted to create a synthesis of material, structure, expression, ergonomics and function, and thus a formal and structural entity.

What was special about the design process? We focused on disclosure and transparency – nothing is concealed. The design of the entire chair was all-embracing: each individual component is a logical follow-on from the last, lines and surface were precisely defined to create a harmonious whole. And in the design process that means if you change one part, you naturally have to change the rest, too.

We love the strange,
the paradox
and the spontaneous.

Walter Knoll has been developing products with EOOS since 1997. Could you let us into the secret of this successful collaboration? How significant is the Leadchair in this long partnership? We are both looking for authentic objects and, in terms of the complexity of construction and design, the Leadchair is unparalleled in the history of Walter Knoll and EOOS. Our advantage is that we take the momentum of past projects into the future and never act from a standstill. Alongside evolution, the basis of our successful partnership is our shared passion, communication and an in-depth understanding of each other – that repeatedly gets us onto new tracks.

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